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General FAQs

Q. How do I sign up?
To sign up, go to the Home page Member login section, please click on “NEW MEMBER” and then fill out our short sign-up form.

Once you've completed the sign-up process, ComNet will send a verification email to your registered email account. Please check your mailbox and click on the attached link. Your account will be activated once the email is verified.
Q. How can I make a purchase?
Just log in, go to the “STORE” and choose the product you like.

Follow the simple procedure to make your payment. An email will be sent to your registered email account to confirm your order. If there is a security hold period to validate your purchase, we will contact you by phone or by email.

Once the credit card payment is authorized and verification process is completed. Another email will be sent to your registered email account with the final order details and the pin number.
Q. Is it safe to purchase over the internet?
YES. For absolute security, we use the latest encryption technology whenever we ask for personal information. Customer data is stored on a secure server to protect the data from outside parties.
Q. What do you do with my personal information?
Personal information collected by ComNet is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public. ComNet will not share your personal information with any third party.
Q. How to make calls?
For Calling cards:
  1. Simple dial the local access number based on your location, or use our toll-free access number to access our network. Find out the access numbers
  2. Choose the language setting
  3. Follow the voice prompt, enter the PIN number (personal identification number).
  4. Enter your destination number
    North America 1 + area code + phone number + #
    International 011 + country code + area code + phone number + #

For EASYcall Pin-free Service:
  • If you have setup the pin-free feature, you never have to dail a PIN number when you make calls from those registered phone number(s). All you have to do is dial the local access number (or toll free access number) from your registered cell phone or landline phone then dial the destination number you are trying to reach. It's that easy!

    • Dial Local Access Number Find out the access numbers
    • Enter your destination number
      North America 1 + area code + phone number + #
      International 011 + country code + area code + phone number + #

    For setting up pin-free service, please go to MY ACCOUNT and click UPDATE PROFILE. Enter up to FIVE phone numbers for registration. You can easily add or delete any phone numbers by using online account features.

  • If you are dialing from a non-registered phone number, you must enter your PIN before you dial your destination number.

    • Dial Local Access Number Find out the access numbers
    • Enter the PIN number
    • Enter your destination number
      North America 1 + area code + phone number + #
      International 011 + country code + area code + phone number + #
Q. What Local and 800 toll free access number for?
All those access number are available for user to access ComNet network and make long distance call. In order to provide you the most convenient calling requirement we provide you the 800 toll free access number and local access number to lower your dial in cost.

For 800 toll free access, there is a surcharge for each minute. Please refer to the “Product Details” of each product/service.

Reminder for Land line customers:
  • To receive the lowest rates from ComNet, customers may dial by using our Local Access Numbers in your area. In some areas, local phone companies may charge for placing a call. So check with your phone carrier first to avoid extra charges.
Q. Does my wireless carrier charge me for the air time used to place the international calls made from ComNet service?
YES. You always incur your wireless carrier’s applicable airtime charges whenever you make a call. You receive ComNet’s low rates for the international portion of your call.

Reminder for Mobile/Wireless phone customers:
  1. Block out the international long distance service with your mobile phone provider. When customers mistakenly press the "TALK" or "SEND" key after the destination phone number, this triggers the mobile provider to disconnect from ComNet system, and instead, connect the call via its own long distance service. These rates are always much higher as compared to the ComNet rate.
  2. A mobile service provider may add a carrier surcharge when you are using your mobile phone. Check with your mobile service provider if you are within the free nights and weekend period to avoid carrier charges when using ComNet service.
Q. Does ComNet replace my current long distance telephone service?
NO. ComNet is convenient and easy-to-use without any disruption to your current long distance company. When customers use our ComNet Toll Free or Local DID Access Number, our service bypasses your long distance carrier to connect your calls.
Q. Where can I use the Calling Card or EASYcall pin-free service?
You can make calls from USA (48 states) and Canada to most countries in the world. Please click onto the “View Rates” for country listings.
Q. What are the billing increments?
All calls are billed in full minute increment, with partial minutes rounded to the nearest full minute.
Q. Do we need to pay for any connection fee?
NO. But with the following two exceptions:
  1. A surcharge of US$0.99 per call when using public payphone
  2. A surcharage of US$0.03 (CAD$0.035) per minute when using 800 toll free access number
Q. Do we need to pay any service charge if we make calls in hotel?
It depends on whether the hotel will charge you any service fee when making local calls.
Q. Can we make more than one calls each time?
YES. You don't need to hang up after you finish one call, just simply press ## for another call.
Q. Can we recharge/combine the value of the Calling Card(s)?
NO. However, if you choose the EASYcall pin-free service, you can recharge anytime you like. You can even sign up [Auto Top Up Service] via MY ACCOUNT.
Q. Does the Calling card have an Expiry date?
YES. Every calling card has its own expiry date. After the card is expired, all the unused credit will be forfeited and is non-refundable. Please refer to the “Product details” of each card.
Q. Does the EASYcall pin-free service have an Expiry date?
The EASYcall pin-free service will expire in 180 days after the first use, but if you recharge within 179 days, the expiry will be extended.

Every time you do a recharge, we reset your expiration date to a full validity period of the card. The EASYcall service is valid for 6 months, after a new recharge, it will have another 6 months of service.
Q. How do I review my usage and order history?
You can log in and go to MY ACCOUNT and view the details of each order and each call.
Q. With Auto Top-Up Service, do you send a bill before you charge the credit card?
NO. Once you have signed up the Auto Top up service, we will automatically charge your credit card whenever your balance is below the minimum amount set. You can check Order History for details of all charges.
Q. What do I do if I have a question or problem with my order?
You can call our Customer Service Support at 1 800 660 9405 to assist you with any order or billing issues that you may have.
Q. What happens if I lose my PIN?
For your security, we will disclose a PIN to the original purchaser only. You will need to contact customer support at 1-800-660-9405 and provide all of the relevant data you submitted when you purchased the product/service. Your request will be processed promptly, and you will receive your PIN over the phone once we verify your identity.
Q. Why does my call sometimes get disconnected in the middle of a conversation?
Generally, calls to or from mobile phones are not as reliable as land line calls. A brief signal loss can disconnect a call. Issues such as voice congestion, extreme weather, and heavy usage at peak hours or during the holidays may downgrade the voice quality and cause disconnection.
Q. What should I do when I experience poor voice quality?
Sometimes customers may experience a connection to a poorly performing voice channel. We recommend that you disconnect the call and wait a few minutes to call again. If this continues after redialing 3 or 4 times, please contact our Customer Service support at 1-800-660-9405.
Q. Why do some countries have a separate rate for Special Services?
There are some numbers that are classified by International carriers as a Special Service number. These numbers can be land lines; however they are more expensive than standard land line because of how they were established in certain countries. ComNet charge a Special Service rate for calls to these numbers because the carriers charge a higher rate to connect the calls.